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  • In the 1982 horror movie “Poltergeist,” there’s a memorable scene where the character Diane Freeling, played by JoBeth Williams, falls into a pool filled with skeletons.
  • It turns out that these skeletons were not fake—they were real human skeletons.

2. Why Were Real Skeletons Used?

  • The filmmakers chose to use real skeletons because it was cheaper. At the time, making realistic plastic skeletons was more expensive than buying real ones.

3. The Actress’s Experience:

  • JoBeth Williams, the actress in the scene, didn’t know the skeletons were real when she was filming. She only found out later in interviews.
  • This discovery added to the spooky reputation of the movie.

The Impact and Legacy of Using Real Skeletons

4. Cultural Impact:

  • Using real skeletons made the movie scarier and more effective as a horror film. It added to the eerie atmosphere that “Poltergeist” is known for.
  • This detail became a famous part of the movie’s history and is often talked about by fans.

5. Urban Legends and the “Poltergeist Curse”:

  • The use of real skeletons contributed to the legend of the “Poltergeist Curse.” This curse is a belief that strange and tragic events happened to people involved with the movie.
  • For example, some actors from the movie experienced untimely deaths or accidents, which people sometimes link to the curse.

Ethical Issues

6. Controversy:

  • Using real human remains in movies raises ethical questions. It’s about showing respect for the dead and considering how human remains are treated.
  • Today, filmmakers usually avoid using real human bones. With advances in technology, special effects and props can create realistic skeletons without ethical concerns.


The decision to use real skeletons in “Poltergeist” is a fascinating and controversial part of the movie’s history. It added to the film’s eerie reputation and played a role in the urban legends surrounding it. Despite the controversy, this choice has become a well-known and intriguing fact about the making of the movie.

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